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Memo2File is attorney/client focused text documentation. Court-ready, and fast.

Quickly organize and archive a complete and court-ready record of client text message communications.

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The best law firms deliver a superior client experience

A simple and powerful workflow for attorney & client.



Attorney sends standard onboarding email with download link



Client follows simple interactive instructions to collect relevant texts


Receive Data 

Attorney receives a customized court-ready PDF in their Dropbox

Very client friendly. Client selects  contact(s) and sends. Easy!!

Skip disorganized screenshots, manual capture, incomplete data, sorting, organizing, and multiple client requests.

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Memo2File provides the following attorney friendly features.

Quickly receive a complete legal picture of critical communications between opposing parties that is easy to use and court-ready.

Clickable Table of Contents

Quickly navigate text threads

Full threads for all relevant chats

Memo2File archives a full record of threads

Court-ready Formatting

The PDF is in court-ready formatting

Time stamps for sending, receiving, and reading

Time stamps create a complete record

Attachments, emojis, reactions, etc.

See additional and important context

Searchable PDF

PDF is searchable with standard tools

Integrates with most Practice Management software via Dropbox

Use another practice management system? Contact us to discuss

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Built and branded for your firm.

Each installer is uniquely built and includes your firm’s dropbox, branding, & contact info.

Pricing is customized for each firm

For budget purposes use:
$1250 set-up fee per attorney 
$200 per client fee

(Contact us for a formal proposal. Actual fees may be higher or lower based on number of attorneys and client usage)

• After first year annual maintenance is 10% of set-up fee & includes updates. 
• Per client fee includes a 12 month window from first use on a specific device.
• Usage is aggregated and billed monthly.

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Memo2File provides text message retention and archival solutions for professionals.

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